Co-operative Principle #5: Education & Training

Education and training are an important part of a thriving community. The more you know about agriculture, making and sharing great food, and the ingredients for making a healthy community, the more you can make informed choices for yourself and your family. That’s why we put so much time and effort into providing ongoing education and information to our members and the community at large.

Here are some of the ways we support education & training in our community…

On the Table: Our Seasonal Magazine

Each season, we publish a free magazine simply bursting with great articles, recipes and information about our local suppliers, great products, super services and general excitement for being part of the solution to what ails us! Peruse our latest issue:

On the Table Summer 2017


Our Cooking & Wellness Classes

Throughout the year, we offer fantastic cooking and wellness classes.  Our Cooking classes always include food and a recipe booklet to feed your body and your mind! Our Wellness Classes will focus on natural healing remedies and offer sampling of some of the preventative herbs and foods discussed.

Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming classes.

Educational Events

We love partnering with other organizations to raise awareness about food and environmental issues. And we frequently bring knowledgeable speakers and workshops to town. Have a look at our upcoming events in our Events Calendar.

Our Website is a Virtual Food Hub

You’re looking at it! Check out the Learn section to read articles great articles we’ve written about the many reasons to buy good food, information about special diets and cooking tips, and our Health & Wellness Library.

Plus, of course, our staff are knowledgeable, caring and happy to provide you with product and nutritional information!