Here at the Co-op, we take pleasure and pride in our role as investors in the social, environmental and economic well-being of our community.

One of the ways we do this is through our Community Giving program! As the Co-op grows, so does our ability to support a wide variety of community initiatives. Read on to find out what the Co-op currently offers by way of grants, awards, fundraising opportunities, donations, sponsorships and more!

Gift Card Donation

Perfect for small, community fundraisers.

Are you involved in a group, school, or non profit society that is holding a fundraising event in our community? If so, you are welcome to apply for a gift card. This  gift card can be used as a door prize or to purchase snacks/refreshments for a reception, food items for a community dinner, or to thank your volunteers. We also encourage you to put your gift card towards a gift basket, ordered through Customer Service. Gift baskets are perfect for silent auctions, gala events and raffles.

How to Apply:
Fill out our Community Giving General Donation Application (PDF version ; MSWord version), and either drop it off in person at Customer Service or email it to

Requests are granted on a first-come-first-served basis for this program. Due to limited funds and increasing demand, we  advise groups to apply with as much advance notice as possible. 

Please allow AT LEAST 2 WEEKS for us to process your application and respond to your request.


Perfect for larger, community-wide events, such as festivals or tournaments

Are you organizing a large, community event or initiative? Are you a not-for-profit team? If so, you are welcome to apply for the Co-op to be a sponsor. The Co-op may be able to offer a combination of cash and food such in exchange for advertising and publicity on your promotional materials.

How to Apply:
Fill out the Request for Sponsorship  or email your Sponsorship package to 

Please allow AT LEAST 2 WEEKS for us to process your application and respond to your request.

Gift Card Fundraisers

Perfect for schools and organizations with an active membership base and a volunteer able to commit to the financial coordination.

The Gift Card Program offers groups and organizations the opportunity to raise money by selling Co-op Gift Cards. The Kootenay Co-op donates 7% of the purchased card value to the organization.

Deadline for Application: Available year round.

Please allow AT LEAST 7 DAYS for us to process your application and respond to your request.

How to Apply:

Read the Gift Card Fundraising Guidelines to get set up.

Once your account is set up, email and please include:

  • 7 days’ notice so that we can make sure we have time to load all the cards
  • the account number (5 digit number) if you have been assigned one, and organization name in the subject of the email
  • the total value of the cards you wish to order
  • the denominations of the cards ($25, $50, $100, $200 and $300 available)

Please note that the minimum order is $500, and the maximum order is $20,000. When you place your request, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a reminder of what you’ll need to pay in order to pick up the cards. Payment must be by cash or cheque and pick up is at Customer Service.

Grants – on hold for Summer

Support for projects and initiatives from local to global.

Our Grants program is on hold for the summer! Check back in with us in September 2018.

Community Grants are open to any community organization, school or community program for projects or initiatives demonstrated to be aligned with the Kootenay Co-op’s mission, vision and values. Our objective is to enhance our communities from an environmental, social and community-building perspective.

The intention of the selection committee is to choose the project that best meets this objectives. Applicants are encouraged to answer the questions fully and to attach additional information to support their application.  Check out the Grants page to see previous recipients.

Application Process:

  1. Complete and sign the Community Grant Application. If you need more space to explain your project, additional materials are welcome.
  2. Submit the completed application to Customer Service or electronically at
  3. A committee of Kootenay Co-op staff members will review applications and make grant awards on a monthly basis, on or about the last working day of each month.

Community Donation Day

Community Donation Day is perfect for established societies and other organizations that need a substantial injection of funds, have staff/volunteers who are available to be involved, and can plan ahead.

We hold two Community Donation Days per year, allowing for non-profit community groups to earn three per cent of the Co-op’s sales for that day. One of these two Community Donation Days goes to support Kootenay Organic Growers Society (KOGS), an organization which is well-aligned with the Vision, Mission, and Values of the Co-op.

Community Donation Days are a partnership between the Co-op and participating groups. We help raise public awareness with features in our newsletters and in social media. Community groups also raise awareness in their networks of support, encouraging people to shop on their Community Donation Day. The participating group also sends staff or volunteers to join us at the Co-op in person that day to do outreach for their organisation .  Once the day is over, we do the math and give the community group a cheque valued at 3% of the day’s sales, often more than $1000!

 Deadline for Application:

  • October CDD:              August 15

How to Apply:

Email or through our Connect with Us page to explain your interest in Community Donation Day. We will ask the relevant questions to determine your eligibility.

Vitamin Program

The Kootenay Co-op helps an organization that provides nutritional support as part of its social service to sectors of our community in need, including end-of-life care, those living with disabilities, mental illness or other challenges such as poverty, homelessness, or addiction.

Every year the Kootenay Co-op and its suppliers donate to ANKORS,  $2,000 worth of vitamins and supplements. These go to those living with and at the greatest risk of acquiring HIV / AIDS and/or Hepatitis C, who have difficulty obtaining services elsewhere, especially due to substance use, mental illness, sexual orientation, gender identity, race and ethnicity, and/or other social barriers.

In 2017, we also partnered with a supplier to donate high quality prenatal vitamins to Kootenay Kids to help make sure low-income mothers and mothers-to-be embrace nourishing diets for their little ones.

The Giving Tree

Perfect for organizations that have a seasonal initiative, service or identified need. These organizations must have staff/volunteers who can be actively involved in planning in November and participating in December.

Each December, the Co-op selects local organizations to receive our Seasonal Giving Tree donations. This allows our members and shoppers to donate directly to the selected organization by picking a decorative card from the tree and ringing it through with their purchases.

Deadline for Application: October 30th for December’s Giving Tree.

How to Apply:
In September/October, email or through our Connect with Us page to express interest in this program.

Till Donations Program – on hold

Perfect for organizations that need ongoing operating funds, and can benefit from seasonal donations in smaller increments.

The Till Donations Program makes it easy for shoppers to donate directly to your organization while ringing through their purchases. A selection of donation cards from a variety of groups is at the tills, for a period of one year which begins when the organization is being notified about the launch of the card.

This program works best for organizations that can also promote this donation opportunity to their own network.

How to Apply:

New Till Donation applications are not currently being accepted. Please email if you have any questions.


One person can make a difference! The Co-op offers an annual $1000 scholarship for individuals in our community to acquire the knowledge and experience that lead to empowerment and change.

This scholarship is awarded in May for post-secondary education. Priority is given to studies in food & environment, health, community development, and cooperation, but we invite applications from all in our community. There is no age restriction and all members and their children are eligible to apply.

How to apply: Fill out  the Kootenay Co-op Member Scholarship application form and email it to or drop it off at Customer Service.

Deadline for Application: April 25th each year.