Emma Block Board May 2015

Jon Steinman (5)Jon Steinman- President

Jon studied Hotel and Food Administration at the University of Guelph. He went on to work in restaurants across Canada and France and these experiences launched him on a complimentary career as a food journalist. In 2006, Jon created Deconstructing Dinner – a weekly one-hour radio show and podcast produced at Kootenay Co-op Radio. Before it went off the air in late 2010, the show was being broadcast on 50 radio stations in Canada and the US and continues to be ranked as the top Canadian food podcast by iTunes. In 2011, Jon met James Beard Award winning film maker Declan O’Driscoll and began working on resurrecting Deconstructing Dinner as a documentary television series and multimedia project which was launched on ichannel in September 2013. Jon is an active public speaker and has been in involved in many West Kootenay food initiatives. Jon has been a Board Director of the Kootenay Country Store Co-operative since 2006.

 SMorrison_webSusan Morrison- Vice President

Susan has served on the Co-op’s Board of Directors since September 2011 and is currently chair of the Finance Committee, is on the Member Outreach Committee and was chair of the Member Loans Committee during the Member Loan Campaign. An abiding passion in healthy, delicious food was initially inspired by her mother and grandmother.  Susan’s multifaceted work background has included tree-planting cook, fitness-spa chef, restaurant owner, deli manager at the Co-op, accountant assistant and coordinator of a regional resource library. She continues to work as a yoga and chi kung instructor. She has been a Co-op member pretty much since moving to the Kootenays with her family in 1981. Susan says the Co-op’s mission, principles and buying guidelines encompass many of her core values.  Assisting in furthering our position as an increasingly important community resource, while advancing the cooperative business model locally and beyond, is a pleasure.

Zoë Creighton

Zoe Creighton

Zoë Creighton cut her teeth on co-ops in the 1990s, exploring ways to organise people around community radio. As a founding director of Kootenay Co-op Radio, and its first station manager,  Zoë’s passion for co-operation grew into the development of the Upper Columbia Co-op Council, an association of regional co-ops and credit unions which she now coordinates. In this role, Zoë works to help build and strengthen co-operatives, while also serving on the Board of the BC Co-op Association. For the better part of a decade, Zoë enthusiastically acted as Kootenay Co-op’s Board Assistant.

 Andrew Jarrett

Andrew brings 40 years of business and community service experience with nine years coordinating the Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-op; six years on the board of Realize Co-op (an executive recruitment and management consulting co-op) and four years on the board (including founding chair) of the Upper Columbia Co-op Council (UCCC). Today, Andrew is the principal consultant of Ridgetop Consulting, providing organizational development services for organizations and individuals participating in the social economy.

Paula Sobie

Paula can remember shopping for groceries at a co-op when she was a kid. At the time, she wished her parents wouldn’t insist on buying the ‘health food’, yet those early eating patterns have influenced her shopping habits – and her values – as an adult. Professionally, Paula works in communications with SelfDesign, a lifelong learning community. She is proud to sit on the Kootenay Co-op’s Board, with social, environmental, and economic values all guiding our mission, and hopes her contributions help ensure our region can cultivate an abundance of good, clean, and fair food. Guided by the concept of ‘food as medicine’, Paula appreciates the Co-op’s commitment to providing the freshest, most sustainably-produced, local food for our community, and the ease this brings to her own grocery shopping.

Liz-Babcock_webElizabeth Babcock

Elizabeth has lived in Nelson since 2005 and has enjoyed its amazing support for the arts, healthy living and community. Since moving here, she been involved with the Nelson Figure Skating Board, Capitol Theater Pantomime (community theatre), and building a successful bodywork business on Baker Street. Elizabeth became a board director in the Fall of 2013 and immediately threw herself into the successful Member Loans Campaign (October 2013) and says she deeply appreciated how extremely welcome she was made to feel as the Board’s newest member. She currently sits on two board committees and has enjoyed learning more about the link between our plates and where and how our food is grown, supported and processed. It is an exciting time to be involved with the Co-op and Elizabeth looks forward to participating actively in the Co-op’s growth in the coming months and years.

Cathy-Ann-Glockner_webCathy Ann Glockner- Employee Director

Cathy Ann has been the Employee Director on the Board since the fall of 2013.  During the day, she is the Customer Service Assistant Manager. She has lived and worked in the Nelson area since 1990 and my 1st job was as a cashier at the Kootenay Co-op (then located in the Gerrick’s Cycle building).  At that time the Co-op was preparing for the move to our current location. During her hiatus from the Co-op, Cathy Ann build the successful Kootenay Coconut Soaps business and became a supplier.In a wonderful twist of fate, Cathy Ann has returned to employment at the Co-op as it prepares for yet another big move! She is pleased and proud to be serving the Co-op both as Employee Director and as part of the staff and looks forward to serving the membership and staff as we move forward with planning all aspects of the news store.

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