Doing development differently…from the Kootenay Co-op to the Nelson Commons!

In June 2013, the Co-op became proud owners of their new home, an ideal property at the east end of the downtown core. This marked the end of many years of searching for a property that would provide the Co-op a desperately-needed larger space, as well as the opportunity to own its own home for the first time in its almost 40 year history .

After careful consideration, the Co-op made a bold move: instead of refurbishing the existing building and lot, we would pursue the option of developing the site for multiple purposes and people. The Nelson Commons project, as it is now known, includes 54 residential units,  commercial spaces for other  local businesses, indoor and outdoor parking and public green space.

The Co-op also make the decision to act as its own developer in order to have greater control over guiding principles and values of the project and in order to keep local any profits from the development.  For example, the financing for the Nelson Commons project has come from credit unions, which are financial cooperatives.

We expect to be in our ‘new digs’ in the latter part of 2015, along with many of our friends and new neighbors!

Want to find out more about the Nelson Commons project? Visit the Nelson Commons Website!

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