Want to get involved? Consider running for our board of directors


Want to get involved? Consider running for the board of directors

Abra Brynne goodWhen our Co-op was founded 41 years ago, it took a small, dedicated team of volunteers to source wholesome, healthy food that was not otherwise readily available in the West Kootenays. Nowadays, all grocers are responding to the increasing awareness that there is a connection between what we put in our bodies and our health, and many of them are providing a broader array of healthy foods. What continues to set our store apart is our business model – a model based on co-operative principles of democracy and community.

Co-operatives have a long, rich, varied and global history, based on people in communities coming together to identify and then serve their own needs. This democratic foundation is carried throughout the life of the co-operative, supported in part by an elected board tasked with stewarding the Co-op on behalf of its member owners.

The Kootenay Country Store Co-operative has had a board of directors since it was incorporated in 1975. Over the intervening 40 years, scores of individuals have served as directors, contributing their perspectives, expertise and time to the well-being of the co-operative. These directors have been elected each year at our Annual General Meeting, where the membership also learns about the financial health, plans and activities of the store.

This year, as usual, our Annual General Meeting will take place in late September, complete with an election for the Board of Directors. In February, the Board struck a Recruitment Committee to carry out the work of identifying skills needed on the Board and soliciting members to consider running for a position on the Board.

Participating on the Board of the Co-op offers an opportunity to not only contribute to the vitality of the co-operative, but to work alongside skilled and dedicated individuals, to wrestle with questions and challenges, and to test our collective wisdom as stewards of the Co-op. We welcome and encourage any active member to consider running for a position on the Board this year.

All interested members are encouraged to attend a Board meeting to see us in action and to learn more about what the position entails.

Individuals wishing to declare their candidacy for election must do so by May 31, 2016. Please consider joining us at this incredible time in our Co-op’s journey.

– Abra Brynne, Board Director