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Bee Glade Farm

Who are the farmers at Bee Glade Farm? Heather McSwan and Brian Hecker. What do you grow? Our main ‘crop’ is Kootenay Mountain Grown certified veggie starts, basil and alpine strawberries. Every year we choose […]

chuckleberry 1

Chuckleberry Community Farm

Who is the farmer at Chuckleberry Community Farm? Jon Scott. What do you grow? Year round we grow Micogreens (Daikon, Sunflower, Pea) Kale and Spinach. In Season we grow Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Sweet Keeper Squash, […]

parsnip in August

Glade Valley Gardens

Who are the farmers at Glade Valley? Ruth Fraser and Glen Sorenson.  Ruth does the hands-on, day to day, all-things-garden – the planning, planting, weeding, harvesting; Glen is the infrastructure man (fencing, tractor work, building […]


Tipiland Organic Produce

Who are the farmers at Tipiland? Gary Diers and Inanna Judd operate and own Tipiland Organic Produce. Tipiland Organic Produce is the official name of our farm business.  Some call us Tipiland Farm or just […]

Sunshine Valley3

Sunshine Valley Organics

Sunshine Valley Organics in the Creston Valley is a new local supplier to the Co-op. After two years of labour-intensive preparation, the Barkmans are now fully certified producers of organic eggs! They have remodeled or […]