Healthy Kids, Healthy Snacks


 Healthy Kids, Healthy Snacks

It’s easy to equate snacking with junk food, but it doesn’t have to be the case. The important thing is to provide kids with choices when it comes to snacking. If the choices you give them are nutritious ones, then everybody’s happy: your kids get to choose their snacks, and you ensure that they’re eating healthfully.

Make healthy snacks visible. Designate one shelf of the refrigerator and/or pantry as the “snack shelf,” with the understanding that anything that’s on that shelf is okay to eat without having to ask permission first.

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Easy Organising Ideas

Cut up fruit and veggies ahead of time and put them front and center in the fridge, let kids know to ‘look in the fridge’ if they are feeling munchy.

Have homemade trail mix, granola bars or cookies available on the ‘snack shelf’.

Kids learn their eating habits from their parents. Model the behavior you would like them to adopt. You will all benefit from the good choices you’ve made. Be creative, have fun and best of all enjoy!!

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