Kootenay Kombucha is back!

 The wait is officially over!

Kootenay Kombucha is back on tap at the Kootenay Co-op! HOORAY! So dig up those empty growlers or come fill a new one to get your fix. Kegs will be flowing as of Thursday, June 15th and the kombucha will be on special all weekend! Try a sample for free and meet the brewmaster herself on Saturday, June 17th.
Lavinia, founder/owner/visionary of Kootenay Kombucha, is excited to finally have her product in our new store!

What is kombucha, anyway?

Well basically, it’s fermented tea! The added sugar allows it to ferment, and makes it wonderfully effervescent (AKA bubbly). The fermentation process gives the kombucha probiotics (healthy bacteria) and vitamins and the tea is likely to add antioxidant qualities!

How is it made?

Water, tea and sugar are combined, steeped and cooled. Then the SCOBY (which stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast*) is added to the tea mixture in a sterile container. After that, the fermentation begins!

Keep in mind that the sugar is there to feed the bacteria, not you! So that means the sugar is more for the fermentation process than it is for sweetening the kombucha. The end product is actually quite low in sugar.

*I’ve also heard people define SCOBY as a “Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast”!

What makes Kootenay Kombucha so special?

     It’s True Local!

♥️  It’s brewed in the Slocan Valley, well within the bounds of our 160 km (100 mile) radius around the Kootenay Co-op store.

     It’s on tap!

♥️  Filling growlers reduces the waste associated with single serve beverages.
♥️  Kombucha on tap allows for small batch brewing.
♥️  Tap filling also keeps the price more affordable!

     Unique flavours!

♥️  Kootenay Kombucha flavours reflect our local region. Not only are they delicious and healthy, you just won’t find them anywhere but right here in the Kootenays!

     Their mission statement!

♥️  Kootenay Kombucha’s mission is to encourage education about herbal and holistic medicines, our local food systems, digestive health, and to reduce packaging waste. Sounds pretty good to me!

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