Caring for Your Skin


Caring for your skin is much like caring for the rest of your body. If you choose high quality, nutrient-rich foods, it makes sense to make those same choices for your skin. But where to start? The Wellness department staff believe that pampering yourself inside and out is a priority, and want to ensure that your chosen product is high quality, safe, effective and wholesome.

Did you know the skin absorbs chemicals from your environment which go directly into the bloodstream? In fact, the skin is such an effective pathway into your body, that patches stuck to the skin are a common way of administering medicines. This is why we place such an emphasis on providing customers with natural and safe body care

In our screening process, we look for innovative and effective body care products made with safe, natural ingredients that are not animal tested. If we can’t find a product that is all natural, we will sometimes (but rarely) carry items with a synthetic ingredients that are considered safe, usually for reasons of product performance, demand and/or price.

We are constantly working to stay informed and up to date as the numbers and types of chemicals used in body care products are ever increasing. Online resources are one source of information we use to identify toxic ingredients.  ‘The Dirty Thirty’ for instance, is a list of 30 chemical ingredients that may be linked to cancer ( Several of these products have been banned by the European Union (EU) on suspicion of their toxicity. Many of the biggest manufacturers of these products reformulate without these European-banned chemicals for the EU market, but continue to manufacture with them for the US and Canadian market.


As well as screening for safe and natural ingredients, the Wellness department is happy to offer body care items from local suppliers, some of which actually contain locally-grown ingredients.  The Mad Dog Farm hand cream and lip balm contain ingredients that are organically grown on their farms, and the products are handmade by the farmer herself. These are some of the purest products we’ve ever come across! Other companies, such as Europe’s Weleda and Dr. Hauschka have been making their products for many years using biodynamic farming practices. Be assured that whatever product you end up spoiling yourself with, we have taken the time to assess it thoroughly.

Pamper yourself with a healthy body care product today!

Hazel and Myriam, Wellness Clerks

Did you know?

The FDA has banned just nine chemicals from cosmetics, compared to the EU which has banned more than 1000!

Some good reads: Chemical-Free Skin Health by Bob Root