Seasonal Wellness Tea Blends & How To Make


Seasonal Wellness Tea Blends

Our bulk herb section can seem like a bit of a mystery to many customers. As a friend of my husband’s once told him “I just wish I knew what to do with all that stuff! I am sure there are some amazing things in there but where do you start?” A great place to start is with our Wellness blends. Prepared with a specific focus in mind, we have many blends for treating a variety of winter woes.

Immune Boost tea – Effective herbs including Echinacea root, Elder berries and flowers and Astragalus help to promote a healthy immune response to coughs and cold causing viruses.

Lung Blend tea – Calms irritation, nourishes mucous membranes, expectorant.

Relaxing Blend – Lovely and calming. Skullcap, chamomile, catnip and other herbs to help relax the body and mind. The perfect evening drink. Great for children.

Adapting Gems – Adaptogen herbs help the body to ‘adapt’ to stress and balance and reduce its effects on the body. Contains Reishi, Ashwaganda, Holy Basil and other adaptogenic herbs. Drink daily during stressful times.

Digestive Power – Soothe digestive upset after a large meal or during illness

Herbal Chai – Although an amazing and delicious pleasure tea, herbal chai helps to reduce mucous and is a great digestive tonic. The herbs and spices in chai are also very energetically warming. Add rooibos for a completely caffeine free version or get an extra kick by steeping black or green tea into your chai after simmering.

Nourishing Tea – Popular among pregnant and nursing women, this blend is high in minerals, is alkalizing and contains many nutrients. A great daily tonic any time of the year.

*We also stock many other Wellness herbal tea blends, come see our selection or ask the friendly Wellness Staff.

How to Make Herbal Tea

Many herbal teas are usually steeped for 5-10 minutes, then stained and generally are consumed for their pleasant flavour (I call them pleasure teas). This method can draw beneficial nutrients out of the herbs but to get the most medicinal goodness and nutrition out of your herbs, an infusion is the ideal method. Make a large-ish batch at once to save time and to have a supply at the ready for easy consumption.

To make an infusion place up to 1 cup (or 30g of dried herbs) in a 1L canning jar. A French press used just for your teas is also a great steeping vessel! Pour in boiling water to the top of the jar. Secure with a lid and leave out for a few hours or overnight. In the morning your herbal infusions are ready to be strained and stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. Reheat before consuming. Drink 2-3 cups/day.

I follow the steeping guideline below as suggested by renowned herbalist Susan Weed.

Plant Part                Length of Infusion

Roots/barks             8 hours minimum

Leaves                 4 hours minimum

Flowers                 2 hours minimum

Seeds/berries            30 min. minimum