The bag reduction survey


Help the Kootenay Co-op reduce waste by participating in a bag reduction survey. Paper and plastic bags impact our environment through climate impacts, waste byproducts, and disposal. Although the Kootenay Co-op does not offer plastic “shopping bags” to take your groceries home in, we offer paper and plastic bags for produce and bulk items at no charge.

We would like to encourage members and customers to bring their own containers for produce and bulk items, and for carrying home their shopping. Our current efforts to reduce the use of disposable bags are:

  • All customers are charged the full cost of to-go containers and deli containers.
  • Members can purchase a reusable shopping bag made from recycled plastic at our cost ($2).
  • Members who bring their own containers (but not shopping bags) are entered to win a $25 gift card.
  • Members can leave extra bags or borrow a shopping bag from our Community Bag-Share Bin.
  • We provide cardboard boxes when they are available.
  • We have scales in our bulk and deli departments to make bringing your own container easier.
  • We are continuously searching for the lowest-impact disposables available and appropriate to our community, which lacks commercial composting and some recycling options
  • Starting in August, our snack packs of trail mix and confections  will be packaged in eucalyptus-based cellophane that breaks down in backyard compost or underwater. Look for labels coming soon!

Share your experiences, thoughts, and suggestions in the bag reduction survey form below. Complete the survey before August 31, 2018 for a chance to win a inflatable kayak courtesy of Manitoba Harvest!