Calling All Artists

Would you like your artwork displayed in our café?

Don’t miss out on your chance to display and sell your artwork in our café seating area. Fill out and submit your application by January 31 2018 to apply.

Visit our customer service desk to pick-up and submit your application or download the application form and submit it electronically to

Artist Submission Letter fillable form

You may need the most recent version of Adobe Reader to complete the form and submit it electronically (download it here).


We have some rules for artists to follow if they would like to display and sell their work here in our café seating area. Please read through this information and feel free to talk to us at the Customer Service counter if there are any questions that we have left unanswered. This information is also on the Application Form above.

  • All photos of artwork & contact information are to be submitted to our Customer Service Desk in June or January each year. Exhibitions will be chosen by our Co-op team for the 6 months following these 2 submission months. Please do not drop off the physical artwork for consideration….. photos/website link only.
  • The artist will work with the Co-op team to hang the display at the appropriate time as determined by the Co-op unless otherwise arranged.
  • Art displays will remain on display for one month and will be removed by the artist at the date predetermined by the Co-op team.
  • Our staff will direct all art sales, negotiations, and arrangements to the artist and no commission will be taken by the Co-op. All pricing (or a NFS sign) must be visible beside each piece of artwork. A bio with the artists contact info should accompany the art installation and be posted on the wall near the artwork.
  • Any art pieces that are sold while on display here must remain at the café until the end of the exhibition period.
  •  Please note that any artwork chosen for display will be hanging in a busy public eating area which has minimal supervision for theft or vandalism. The Kootenay Co-op assumes no responsibility for theft or damages to work being displayed here.

Thank-you for your interest in displaying your work here with us!