What We’re Eating – Week of July 13


The sun is out, summer is here, and you know what that means! You may have noticed an abundance of fresh fruit hitting the shelves of our produce department lately, and most recently, organic Okanagan apricots! These small fruits pack a powerful punch, of potassium, that is. Did you know that you lose more potassium when it’s hot out? So if you’re heading out for the day, bring a couple of apricots to snack on for that extra potassium boost. Your body will thank you!

We’ve got lots of fresh ingredients on special this week, and some delicious recipes to go with them.  Check out what we’re eating:

Ingredients we’re excited about:

  • Okanagan Apricots
  • BC Blueberries
  • Red Lion Organic Farms Broccoli
  • Fresh Sockeye Fillets
  • Cripple Crow Ranch Chicken

What we’re eating this week