Fresh Specials June 30th to July 6

Fresh Specials June 30th to July 6th

Happy Canada Day weekend!

This week we have True Local specials on Raw Magic Chocolate from Winlaw, organic green and purple kale from Argenta, organic leaf lettuce from Salmo and Canadian grown heirloom tomatoes from Delta, BC. If you’re planning on throwing an epic Canada Day party this weekend be sure to stop by our butcher shop to stock up on burger patties at 10% off, and Sockeye Salmon fillets at 20% off. We also have great deals on organic grapes, mangoes, strawberries and mini watermelons!

You don’t need a magic wand to harness the powers of this chocolate. All you need to do is EAT it! This week’s True Local profile features Raw Magic Chocolate, using organic chocolate and raw unpasteurized honey, both loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. That’s part of the reason this chocolate makes us feel so good. But the other part, according to makers, Dragon and Danu, is that these bars are imbued with love and healing energies.
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