Get Ready to BBQ!

May long weekend is the perfect time to get fired up for BBQ season. Kootenay Co-op can help create healthy, hearty dishes on the grill for every appetite.

The Kootenay Co-op Butcher Shop is all about highest quality, sustainably-sourced meat and seafood. Our buying guidelines prioritize local, organic and grass-fed whenever possible. Pop by the shop to see our amazing variety of bison, lamb, beef, chicken, and pork.

Did you know?

Grass-fed beef can have up to five times more Omega 3 essential fatty acid than grain-fed beef. These higher levels can help in balancing out our ever-so-important ratio of Omega 3 to 6, an essential component to keeping heart disease, certain cancers, and inflammatory/autoimmune conditions at bay. Check out this article from the Globe and Mail for more information on the benefits of grass-fed beef, or read more about omega fatty acids.

Wild Salmon and other cold-water fish can also add a splash of Omega 3 into your diet. Read this article from Health Canada for information about dietary sources of Omega 3. Of course, you can also pick up Omega 3 supplements.

What about chicken? Organic chicken farmers use none or very minimal amounts of antibiotics, and only use organic non-GMO feed. Better food and care of these chickens means more healthful food for you.

Get Grilling

Need some healthy grill inspiration? Check out these tasty recipes from the Kootenay Co-op recipe archives!

And don’t forget to top off your BBQ masterpiece with plenty of fresh veggies, like a Heirloom Tomoato and Beet Salad, or a Carrot Curry Coleslaw. For a vegetarian BBQ option, you might also try our True Local Wild Onion Nutburgers, made in Rossland and available in our freezer section.