Health Canada Launches New Food Label Requirements


New Front-of-Package Warning Labels in Canada

As part of their new healthy eating strategy, the federal government has proposed new labeling requirements for packaged products high in sugar, salt and fat. If a product includes more than 15-30%* of the daily recommended intake of each saturated fat, sugars, or sodium, it will need a label (see the potential labels below). Some products will be exempt, 2% milk for example, because the benefits outweigh the costs.

Over-consumption of sugars, sodium, and saturated fats are linked to chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and obesity. Health Canada believes that putting warning labels on the front of packaging, rather than embedded in the nutritional information on the back, will make it more obvious to consumers (or, food citizens) when a food is unhealthy. This will thereby make it easier to stick to a healthy diet, particularly for parents with young children who are shopping in a hurry. What do you think about this?  Share this blog on Facebook and tag us to tell us what you think.

*For pre-packaged foods and foods intended solely for children aged one to four, the threshold is 15% of the recommended daily amount of each of the three ingredients; for pre-packaged meals, the threshold rises to 30%.

Health Canada Needs Your Help!

Which label do you think is most effective? Give your opinion before April 26th! Learn more about the federal government’s consultation HERE, and click HERE to have your say on your preference of the following four labels.

The more we participate in surveys like these, the more co-operative our democracy becomes. So have your say today!

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