Seven Tips for Healthy Camping


Whether you’re on a weekend trip to Davis Creek Provincial Park or a week-long backcountry trek through the Purcells, it can be tempting to reach for easy, high-calorie snacks that aren’t necessarily good for you. A little prep and forethought can save you from the temptation of low-quality convenience food. Here are some tips and ideas for great camping food:

  1. Download a copy of our Healthy Snack Book or pick up a copy at Customer Service.
  2. Prep your veggies and meats before you leave to ease the process at the campsite. It’s a lot easier to chop veggies in a full kitchen than on a picnic table.
  3. Choose seasonal organic produce that’s in season for optimal nutrition and freshness. Check our Fresh Specials for what’s on sale this week.
  4. If you’re doing lots of exercise (canoeing, camping, biking, hiking, etc.), don’t forget to follow good nutritional guidelines to support recovery.
  5. If camping just doesn’t feel like camping without a bag of chips and a s’more, choose quality ingredients free from artificial flavors, GMOs, etc. There are plenty of guilty (and not-so-guilty) pleasures to choose from at the Co-op that are made only from whole foods with nothing unpronouncable in the ingredient list.
  6. Plan your menu ahead of time. I like to make a grid so I can see what I’m eating every day. For backpacking, I pack each meal’s ingredients together so I don’t have to rummage around as much.
  7. The Kootenay Co-op’s sunscreen and bug spray selection are free from ingredients that may harm your body or the environment. Ask for help at our Wellness counter!

Have a great time in the great outdoors this summer!