Party Smart this Summer

Party Smart this Summer

The summer is upon us! After months of limited exposure to the great outdoors, the first thing that most of us want to do when the warm weather hits it to get outside and stay outside. Music festivals, camping in the mountains, hiking, biking, sports… we can feel so revitalized by the elements and the never ending options of things to do that we may forget to stay nourished and hydrated. Add a few alcoholic drinks to the mix and we may be a bit less inclined to remember things like food, water and a good night’s sleep.
Moderation is the key. Plenty of water, shade and highly nutritious foods are the protocol. And for those times when moderation can tip a bit to the side of excess, follow these simple rules and perhaps you may be able to get out and do it all again next weekend.

Top 5 Ways to Replenish, Recharge & Party Smart

Take care with Chlorella before drinking

Chlorella is a fresh water algae known for its very high chlorophyll content and detoxification qualities. But did you know Chlorella has a profound effect on alcohol absorption? Dr. Fukui of Sapporo Medical University in Japan found that 4 to 5 grams of chlorella ingested before alcohol consumption reduced the amount of alcohol in the liver and prevented the possibility of a hangover by 96%.

Chlorella can be taken in tablet form or added to a smoothie or another green drink. And according to David Wolf, Chlorella also contains “youthening and rejuvenating growth factors” so that has got to be a good thing.


Replenish your electrolytes with Ener-C

Ener-C is the new, all-natural effervescent buffered Vitamin C powder with electrolytes. Electrolytes encourage hydration at a cellular level and increase nutrient absorption…great for when we are active in the hot sun, to counter the dehydrating effects of alcohol and to replenish lost fluids from sweating. Also contains Vitamins A, C, E and Zinc for antioxidant and immune support and B vitamins and potassium for energy. Canadian, Non-GMO, Awesome!

To maintain electrolyte levels while active take 1 packet every 2-3 hours.

Water will do wonders

If you are planning on an evening of imbibing, make sure to have a big glass of water before you start drinking, then try to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. Drinking water in between alcoholic drinks also slows the speed of alcohol consumption, preventing you from drinking too much too quickly and provides more time for the body to deal with the alcohol (the body can only process about three-quarters of an ounce of alcohol in an hour). Replenishing the body’s water supply after a night of drinking combats dehydration and it also helps dilute the leftover byproducts in the gut. Adding sea salt and sugar to water helps replace the sodium and glycogen lost the night before. You can also add your packet of Ener C.

young woman drinking with waterglass

5-HTP may keep you feeling happy and rested

Serotonin is the “feel good” neurotransmitter and typically we produce more of this naturally occurring chemical during the brighter summer months.  Among other things serotonin contributes to our mood balance, quality of sleep and appetite. Stress, late nights, burning the candle at both ends, all of these can lead to a reduction in our serotonin levels leaving us feeling tired, sad and not very interested in food, which can start a vicious downward spiral in self-care preventing you from feeling your best. 5-HTP is the naturally occurring extract from the Griffonia simplicifolia plant and is the immediate precursor to serotonin (5-HT). Available in capsules.

5-THP June

Eating is really good

Remembering to eat while you are out is a great plan., although many of us forget this essential step and end up paying for it the next day. The more you eat, the more time it takes for the alcohol to affect you, the more essential nutrients you are taking in, and the less likely you are to drink as much. Slowing down alcohol’s absorption gives your body more of chance to break down acetaldehyde in your liver. Acetaldehyde, the substance that is created in the liver as a by-product of alcohol, is thought to be the main cause of hangovers. Try for nutrient dense foods such as nuts, seeds, greens, beans and eggs. Eggs contain large amounts of cysteine, the substance that breaks down the hangover-causing toxin acetaldehyde. Eggcellent!


A few more things to consider for summer lovin’

  • Adrenal support formula to help your body adapt to stress
  • Daily multi vitamin and mineral to replenish lost nutrients
  • Vega or Garden of Life meal replacement for when you are on the go and not able to stop and eat
  • Green drink formula to increase alkaline nutrient intake and for detoxification.


Happy Summer and Party Smart!!

-Michelle Beneteau, Wellness Manager