Festival and Camping Essentials for the Kootenays

In the Kootenays, summertime means festivals, camping trips, and picnics.   Whether you’re jamming in Kaslo at the Jazz festival, enjoying the outdoors with your family, or feeling the bass drop at Shambala, staying healthy, fueled and hydrated will ensure you make the most of your adventures.

Stay Fueled at the Festival or Campground

Staying fueled with healthy, energy supporting snacks is key to making it through the day (and into the night). Granola bars are the perfect food on-the-go and can pack a great nutritional punch, all while being portable and tasty. Make your own granola bars ahead of time with this Mocha Hazelnut Granola Bar recipe.

Stay Hydrated

Warm summer temperatures and sun exposure increase water loss in our bodies, leading to dehydration and—in extreme cases—heat exhaustion or even sunstroke. Beat the heat and stay hydrated with a refreshing and equally delicious smoothie. Click here for 3 great recipes you can make at home before you head out to the festival grounds. Don’t have a kitchen or blender at your disposal? No problem, stop by the Kootenay Co-op for a made-to-order smoothie from our café or grab a ready-to-drink Mason Jar smoothie from our grab-and-go cooler. Click here to view our smoothie flavours.

Fun in the Sun

Now that you have some great options for staying fueled and hydrated, it’s time to make sure your outdoor fun isn’t overshadowed by a painful sunburn.  Before heading into the sun, be sure to stop by our Wellness department to pick up the most essential summer festival item, sunscreen! Our Wellness team is proud to offer only natural, healthy and effective sunscreens and none of those nasty chemical ones. From creams and lotions to sprays, sticks and lip balms, we have appropriate and safe sun care options for every member of the family.

To learn more about practicing safe sun, click here. 

Bug Off!

Mosquitoes or no-see-ums cramping your vibe? We’ve got you covered, the Co-op offers a variety of non-toxic, natural bug sprays. Pop into our Wellness Department to get some bug juice of your own, or try making some for yourself with our DIY— Happy Camper Outdoor Spray.

Festival Essentials at the Co-op

Visiting from out of town or don’t have time to make your own festival goodies from scratch? No worries, that’s why we’ve put together a great list of eco-friendly and health-conscious festival essentials that are ready to go whenever you are.

  1. Granola bars: Tweets by Melafera Foods or Living Hygge Mountain bites
  2. Hemp hearts
  3. Sunscreen by Badger
  4. SPF lip balm by Hurraw
  5. Natural bug repellent by Pure Potent
  6. Deodorant wipes by EO Organic.
  7. Delicious fruit
  8. Eco Trail multi-purpose soap
  9. Everyone Hand Sanitizer Spray
  10. Vega protein powder
  11. U-Konserve insulated lunch sack
  12. Colibri reusable snack bag
  13. Ener-C electrolytes
  14. Native Home water bottle
  15. Mason jars for storing, well, anything
  16. Seventh Generation body wipes