Weekly Specials: March 9 – March 15

This week, we have 2 lb and 5 lb bags of carrots, a variety of citrus,  colourful chard and gala apples on sale in our Produce Department. You can also find Cutter Ranch chicken thighs in our Butcher Shop and a variety of Woolwich cheeses on sale in the Deli!

Don’t forget to check out What We’re Eating for your weekly recipes, and read our Monthly Flyer for some of our best savings this month. Of course, Member-Owners will find hundreds more items on sale throughout the store.

Organic Fruit

  • Tangerines  from California – 25-29% off
  • Cara cara navel oranges from California – 16% off
  • Gala apples from the Okanagan – 35% off
  • Desert pink grapefruit  from California – 60% off
  • Ataulfo mangos from Mexico – 40-50% off

Organic Veggies

  • Carrots (2lb & 5lb bag)  from the California – 22/25% off
  • Red, Green and Rainbow Chard from California – 29% off

Butcher Shop

  • Organic Chicken Thighs from True Local Cripple Crow Ranch in Slocan Valley – 10% off
  • Ribeye Steaks from Blue Goose Cattle Company in – 10% off
  • Pepperbites Pepperoni from Two Rivers Specialty Meats  – 10% off


  • Ozery Bakery Multigrain Pita  – 25% off
  • Select Varieties of Woolwich Cheese – 25% off