Fresh Specials

Fresh Specials June 9th to 15th

This week’s fresh specials feature True Local supplier Tipiland Organic Produce. Gary and Innana are committed to feeding the Kootenays in a way that nourishes both the soil and the body, with the purest, freshest, most nutrient dense and beautiful organic produce. Read more about Tipiland on our blog post and be sure to pick-up some of their fresh spinach and leaf lettuce, on special this week.

Enjoy specials on True Local beef slider patties from Kootenay Meadow Farm and chicken breast from Cripple Crow Ranch. We’re also featuring long English cucumbers, cherry/grape tomatoes, and sockeye salmon fillets from BC suppliers, along with deals on fresh Canadian mozzarella, Tommy Atkins mangoes, strawberries, grapes and Chioggia beets.

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