Weekly Specials September 15-21

Holy canning fruit! If you’ve caught onto the canning and preserving craze, you are in luck this week: we have cases of organic Italian prune plums and organic tomatoes on sale!

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We also have hundreds of products on sale that don’t fit into our flyers – come into the store to find great deals every day.

Organic Fruit

  • Pears from the Okanagan – 23% off
  • Gala Apples from the Okanagan – Save $1
  • Himrod Grapes from the Okanagan (2L box) – Save $1
  • Black Plums from the Okanagan – Save $1.50

Organic Vegetables

  • Cherry tomatoes from True Local Glade Valley Gardens – Save $1
  • Corn on the cob from True Local Kettle River Farm – 23% off
  • Mixed Peppers from True Local Glade Organics – Save $1

Butcher Shop

  • Organic chicken wings and thighs from True Local Cripple Crow Ranch – 10%off
  • Wild salmon fillets – 10% off

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