Board Candidate Michael Hoher


What should members know about you? 

Michael is an experienced business growth advisor, entrepreneur, and investor. His 25+ years of international activities on four continents include business start-ups and growth coaching, sales and marketing, strategy and business development, and key positions in general management across a number of sectors such as real estate, environmental technologies, financial services, government, and hospitality.

Committed to sustainability, Michael has launched and run several environmental ventures, including a distribution business for recycling technologies. Equally community-minded, since becoming a Nelson resident in 2006, Michael has been passionately fending for rural economic interests and business opportunities in the region. Michael has spearheaded multiple business growth accelerator programs, focusing on market expansion strategies and youth entrepreneurs.

Michael is a big picture thinker, with a perspective informed by a think global – act local approach. With his extensive global career, he now seeks to give back to his local community by serving as a director for the Kootenay Co-op, supporting resilient food systems. The value Michael brings lies in his business acumen, expertise across various industries, and in-depth operational understanding of organizations of all sizes.

Why do you want to serve on the Board of Directors?

Since becoming a Nelson resident in 2006, I have been passionately fending for rural economic interests and business opportunities in Nelson and the Kootenays, running my own successful environmental technology company and spearheading multiple business growth support programs. My perspective in driving these economic initiatives is think global, act local. I believe the Kootenay Coop embodies this same perspective in their work strengthening the local food system.

The Kootenay Co-op receives my utmost admiration for its history of untiringly promoting sustainable, regional food supply chains, and making available of affordable and healthy products for citizens. Giving back to the community and supporting resilient food systems has become of great importance to me and I wish to use my diverse work and leadership experience towards a thriving Kootenay Coop future.

What about your personal qualities, skills and experience would make you a good Director for the Co-op right now? 

I believe I capture important attributes sought for a directorship with the Kootenay Co-op anchored with my strong interest in resilient food systems and diversified agri-food business growth alongside an in-depth understanding of West Kootenay business challenges and opportunities.  My background in strategic business development has provided me with a rich skillset of operational and technical skills.  These skills are coupled with an in-depth familiarity of local rural economic development and is, through my activity as regional export advisor, augmented by an extensive professional network with numerous agri-food producers across the Columbia Basin.

In regard to governance experience I currently act as the Executive in Residence (EIR) for the Basin RevUP Program, a business growth accelerator program aimed at fast-growing companies. A central expectation of an EIR is to mimic a Board of Directors for the period of engagement, which typically lasts 6-8 months. My ability to assess expansion feasibility, manage risk and provide financial and legal oversight has been the cornerstone of my success.


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