Ambrosia Chocolates


Ambrosia product line is consciously-made fine quality artisan chocolate, handcrafted on the east shore of Kootenay Lake.  All pieces are handcrafted to create a holistic experience with unique flavours and organic, healing ingredients.  She uses chocolate made from cacao beans originating in Central and South America, where the deepest roots of Theobroma cacao exist.  Ambrosia  is committed to offering you a fulfilling & gratifying experience, one that embodies the power of chocolate.

Maureen studied conservation biology and trained as a hatha yoga and ecstatic dance facilitator.  In 2008, she had a dream she was making bee pollen truffles! This inspired training as a professional chocolatier and a creative love to learn about and share chocolate.  

 “The Coop is a long standing icon of community building. It supports our community with good food from the ground up while also offering awareness of who is growing, creating and supplying it.  I am proud of our co-op.  We are actively participating together and we all mutually benefit.”