Nelson Naturals Toothpaste


Nelson Naturals Toothpaste

Kevin and Dana make natural toothpaste with colloidal silver. This amazing ingredient’s main benefit is that it’s antibacterial. It is said to bind to harmful proteins and destroy them in the process. In addition to fighting bacteria, Nelson Naturals toothpaste helps your teeth re-absorb minerals, strengthening your enamel. It may not look like the toothpaste you’re accustomed to, but the glass jars are re-usable and recyclable, unlike the traditional plastic tube. And who can disagree with that?!

Read on to learn more about this True Local entrepreneurial success story!

First of all, what do you make?

We produce an extremely clean, all-natural re-mineralizing colloidal silver toothpaste.

How would you describe your operation?

We are a small, yet growing company based in Nelson, BC, and we make toothpaste!

As a company, it’s our mission to create the cleanest, safest, naturally antibacterial, fluoride-free toothpaste available. We’ve chosen ingredients that are all-natural and super effective, all while leaving out the fillers and stabilizers you’ll find in most other brands.


The packaging is also really unique! Tell us about your glass jars.

Part of our philosophy is to bring awareness to the growing epidemic of disposable plastics. By thinking “outside the tube,” we’re able to offer our customers the highest quality natural toothpaste with a plastic-free package, and keep thousands of plastic tubes out of our landfills!

That’s awesome. How long have you been in business making natural toothpaste in glass jars?

We have been in business for about 5 years now. From very humble beginnings at the Cottonwood Falls Farmers Market, we are proud to say that our products can now be found in stores all across Canada and the US!

Congratulations on being sold across the continent! I watched this great video about your products that I’d like to share.

What motivated you to start Nelson Naturals?

Nelson Naturals was born out of pure necessity, because we just weren’t able to find a natural toothpaste that could really do the job, so we created one ourselves.

Well, it certainly does do the job – I love your toothpaste! What are some of your greatest joys?

The great feedback we receive from our customers really inspires us and lets us know that we are on the right track with our product.

What are some of your greatest challenges?

Originally one of our biggest hurdles was definitely the jar. People had a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea that toothpaste could come without a tube!

Our naturally antibacterial formula allows our customers to dip directly into the jar without fear of contamination. Our product is very effective at killing germs and bacteria in the mouth and it will do the same in the jar.

Now, more often than not, we are thanked for offering an all-natural Plastic-Free product!

Why is local purchasing important to you?

Choosing to buy local is so important, especially in a small community like Nelson. When you choose local you are supporting local employment and keeping more money in your community. Buying local is Voting with your Dollars! The more community support a local product has, the more we will see stores displacing bigger brands, which will consequently lead to a healthier local economy.

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