Onion Skin Dyes for Easter Eggs



Clean, hollowed out egg shells
Skins from about 10 yellow onions
About 1 cup white vinegar
Old nylons
Rubber bands
leaves, fronds & flower petals
A craft pot
Clear acrylic gloss
Kabob skewers


 To Make:

1. In a large pot, Combine the white vinegar, the onion skins, and enough water to fill the pot with some room left over for the eggs. Covered the pot and boil the mixture for about 45 minutes.

2. Place petals and leaves onto the hollowed out egg shells and secure them by slipping the shell into a piece of an old pair of nylons. Twist the nylon into a bunch on the side opposite the leaf and secure it with a rubber band.

3. Carefully add the wrapped egg shells to the onion skin water (in batches).  Simmer eggs for a couple of hours rotating them in the liquid every so often so that they colour fairly uniformly – adding more water to the pot as necessary. Remove eggs from the liquid and let them dry on skewers.

*Other great natural dyes to try are: red onion skins (rich deep browny gold), cabbage skins (bluey colour), saffron (golden colour), beetroot (purple/pink colour).

Have fun!