Small Car Parking in our Underground Parking Lot


Small Car Parking in our Underground Parking Lot

Looking for parking while shopping at the Co-op? In addition to the 37 spots in our above-ground parking lot, we have 10 more spots available for SMALL CARS ONLY in our underground parking lot in the Nelson Commons.

The underground lot is open from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm, seven days a week. It is accessed from the south side of Vernon St (eastbound). Please do not attempt to access the lot if you drive a larger vehicle — there is not enough clearance!

Just drive up to the garage door, and it will open automatically. There is an elevator to the main level from the underground lot (see photos for illustration).

Same rules apply as in our above-ground lot: Two-hour maximum on your stay, only while you are shopping at the Co-op.

Bonus if you drive an electric car: the Co-op is also pleased to offer downtown Nelson’s first electric car charging stations in the same underground lot. Hooray for low emissions vehicles!