Zero Waste Case Lot


Get Case Lot prices on these bulk items when you purchase case lot quantities from the bins.

Item Minimum for case lot price
Organic Thompson Raisins (#29) 4.54 kg
Organic Cane Sugar (#2115) 4.54 kg
Fine Himalayan Salt (#3001) 2 kg
Organic Cashew Pieces (#5157) 2.27 kg
Organic Raw Almonds (#90) 2.27 kg
Epsom Salts (#3113) 2.5 kg
Organic Pumpkin seeds (#347) 2.27 kg
Organic Sunflower seeds (#80) 2.27 kg
Yeast Flakes (#4) 1 kg
Organic Quinoa (#212) 4.54 kg
Organic Dried Cranberries  (#6128) 2.27 kg
Organic Goji Berries (#5875) 750 g
Eco-Max dish soap (#502) 4 kg (4 kg)
Eco-Max Laundry Detergent (#501) 6.2 kg (6.2 L)
  1. Bring your own container or choose one of our recyclable plastic bags (recycle at RDCK facilities).
  2. Weigh your container on one of our scales.
  3. Fill container with the Case Lot amount (or more!)
  4. Bring to the till with your other items.

If you don’t meet the minimum quantity, you’ll pay the regular price. Once you meet the minimum, get the Case Lot price on everything you buy.