6 Reasons to Love True Local!


6 reasons to Love True Local!

Products with the True Local logo are made or grown within 100 miles of our store! Here are six reasons to love True Local products:

Boost the local economy

Shopping True Local strengthens the economic base of our community by keeping your dollars close to home.

Protect our environment

The average North American meal travels 2400 km and contains ingredients from five countries… a reduction in fossil fuels and fresher food makes everyone happy (including the earth!).
When you consider the impacts of mass-produced monocrops and the transportation and refrigeration products need to get here, you start to see how buying local fights climate change and air pollution.

Enjoy rare & unique products

Our community is unique, and we make unique things! Like Robin DuPont’s fermentation crocks, Ariah’s Edibles’ spelt burritos, Nelson Naturals’ toothpastes, Raw Magic chocolates, and more!
Our farmers grow unique and heritage varieties of crops more focused on flavour and nutritional value than on high yields and durability for transport.

Support local suppliers

Keeping our neighbours in business is important to us… plus, our local farmers are responsible stewards of their land, preserving and safeguarding farmland for generations to come!This makes us more food secure and more resilient as a community.

Build community

Meet the makers and the farmers! Creating relationships between producers and consumers helps build community spirit, strengthen community resilience, and foster a sense of belonging. When you, as an eater know your makers and growers, you can ask questions about production practices, which helps you feel good about what you’re buying.

Support better nutrition

Eating produce that’s in season is easy since it’s at the peak of its deliciousness! But did you know it’s healthier, too? Nutrient-rich soil produces nutrient-rich produce. Those nutrients are always more abundant when the produce is harvested and delivered the same day.

Learn about our True Local farmers and suppliers here!