Jerseyland Organics


Jerseyland Organics is a beautiful dairy of well-loved Jersey cows, cared for by Jeremy and Keely deVries and their three young daughters. Located in Grand Forks, BC, Jerseyland produces wholesome yogurt and raw milk cheeses right on their farm using only their own cows’ milk. Delicious and nutritious sustenance direct from their family to yours! This certified organic farm cares deeply for their animals and their land, and the deViers uphold humane treatment of their cows and responsible stewardship of their farmlands as the foundation of their operation.

deVries Family
deVries Family

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History of Jerseyland Farm

Jerseyland is a pioneering farm in Western Canada. The original owners, Ric & Vickie Llewellyn,  settled in Grand Forks in 1985 with their herd of pure bred Jersey cattle. In 1994 Jerseyland Cheese began commercial production after completing its transition to Certified Organic status, becoming BC’s & Western Canada’s first organic dairy and Western Canada’s first producer of organic cheeses and yogourts.

Jeremy deVries fell in love with Jerseyland, getting his start there working for the Llewellyn family. When Ric & Vickie decided they wanted to retire they were thrilled that Jeremy and his family were up to the challenge of carrying on their farm. Jeremy and Keely bought the farm in 2006 from the Llewellyns, and are proud to carry on Jerseyland’s wholesome tradition of producing organic dairy products made from 100% certified organic Jersey milk from their own herd of dairy cows.

The Cows

Jersey’s, the gorgeous doe-eyed cows this give this farm it’s name, are renowned for their kind and gentle demur and their nutrient-dense, high cream milk. The cows at Jerseyland get abundant access to fresh pasture which bestows their milk with a rich flavour and healthful CLA. As a heritage breed, Jersey’s are also known to produce milk high in A2 beta-casein protein, which mounting evidence has shown to be easier to digest than the proteins from more modern breeds of commercial dairy cattle.

Learn more about A2 milk here.

On-Farm Processing

Jerseyland strives to preserve these healthy qualities of their milk in their processing. All of their cheese and yogurts are made right on the farm, so the milk is always fresh and completely traceable to their own herd of well cared for cows. They have chosen to make their products in traditional ways using minimal processing.

On-farm processing facility
On-farm processing facility

The Cheese and Yogurt

Jerseyland’s cheeses are made with raw milk, and they are naturally aged with no preservatives nor colouring added. The milk for Jerseyland yogurt is lightly pasteurized and undergoes minimal additional processing. The yogurt is non-homogenized, which many people find is easier to digest than homogenized dairy products. This also means that the cream rises to the top the old-fashioned way, crowing the yogurt with  a cream layer that can be stirred in to achieve a rich creamy texture. Making this yogurt with fresh whole Jersey milk, eliminates the need of thickeners or emulsifiers. Jerseyland yogurt is also probotic, loaded with beneficial bacteria.


Here at the Kootenay Co-op we are very grateful to Jeremy and Keely for the dedication and conviction that they bring to producing healthful dairy products from happy cows. It is staggeringly hard work to manage a dairy and on-farm processing, and the deVries’ do so to an impeccable standard. They are also very nice people! We are very proud to count Jerseyland as one of our incredible True Local suppliers!

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