McIntyre Farm


Located in Argenta, BC, at the upper end of Kootenay Lake, this farm has been growing organic garden food for more than 20 years. It is a picture out of the past (or perhaps the future) to see Vince McIntyre (the one who makes it all happen) working the fields with his horse-drawn equipment.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of this operation, from crop rotation to soil replenishment. Using horses to work the land allows Vince to work in harmony with nature and to be more self sufficient — and less dependent on the fossil fuel culture.

Our food source is one of the most important issues of our time. Vince encourages us all to grow our own garden food. There is such a difference between food grown by hand, with love, at home, and the mechanized industrial farming which has put much of our land base in jeopardy.

At some point Vince decided that one worthwhile thing he could do with his life would be to grow healthy food for people. He started by providing produce for his extended family and then began to supply winter root cellar vegetables to people all over the Kootenays.

Vince McIntyre would like to thank the Co-op for being an integral supporter of his farms for many years and all those growing and eating good home “garden food”.

Watch an amazing video featuring Vince here.

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